Surface mount VS Flush Mount

Surface mount VS Flush Mount: A data outlet box is where the cable terminates (Close to your desk) and where you plug in your Fly Lead. The 2 major types is Surface mount and Flush mount.


Surface mount is the type of wall box or termination box that sticks out when mounted. This type of box can usually be mounted on any surface and it’s cost effective.

Where can Surface mount boxes be mounted?

Surface mount VS Flush Mount  Sneakernet Flush Mountsurface mounted outlet cat6  surface mounted outlet cat6


The Flush mount option is commonly used when you do not want the termination box to stick out. The flush mounted option is used when tidiness and neatness is important to the client. The Flush Mount options are more expensive as it has more components but looks nicer and neater.

Where can Flush mount options be mounted?

Skirting options:

Data Cabling  Flush mount Data Outlet

Drywall options:

Data Cabling  Home Network Cabling

Food pedestal options:

Flush mount Data Outlet Floor Pedistal

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