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All the terms and explenations

Networking terms, what is what when it comes to networking?

Networking TermsAll the networking terms described here is made up by us to the best of our own knowledge and experience to help you understand the terms described in very simple terms.

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Data Cabling

SneakernetCabinetCablingData cabling/Ethernet cabling is the cable u use to plug in all your devices such as a computer, notebook etc. to a public, business or private network.

This cable runs back to a switch at a central location. This is called a ‘Network’.

There different types of cable to choose from and different types of outlet options.

Cat5e vs Cat6 vs Cat6a

Cat5e, Cat6 and CSneakernet Surface Mountat6A is the type of cables you get for networking. The main difference is the amount of copper in the cable and the twist in the cable, The more copper and the more the cable is twisted the faster your speeds and the more reliable the connection will be.

You also get shielded and outdoor cable options in both Cat5e and Cat6.

For more info on the cable types please click here

Wirless Access points

Wireless Access PointWireless Access point is a device used to extend your current wireless network. a physical cable will run from your current router or switch to the wireless access point and this will extend your wireless network to parts of your office/house where you do not have any wireless access.

You get them in a ceiling mount deign, desktop or wall mounted design, some with external antenna’s and other with build in antenna’s.

Depending on the area you want to cover and your needs the costs ranges anything from R450 to R5000.

Network Cabinets

Network caninetA network cabinet or server cabinet is the cabinet where all the network cables terminate and all other networking equipment such as routers and switches are stored in.

They come is all various sizes from wall mounted to free standing depending on your needs. The wall mounted cabinet is usually small and will have a weight limit of about 60KG where as the free standing cabinet can basically handle any weight.

The wall mounted cabinet can either come in a non-swing or with a swing frame, The most common one to use is the non-swing unless requested by the client. The sing cabinet basically has an extra back frame so the cabinet can swing for easy access to the back. The swing frame cabinet is also used when the devices such as switches, NVR’s etc. are to big to fit in a standard non-swing cabinet.

The free standing cabinets are usually used in larger applications and when you want to mount larger devices in the cabinet such as Servers, UPS’s etc.

You also get accessories for the cabinets such as fans, power distribution units (PDU), shelves etc.


Patch panel and brush panel

Network caninetA patch panel (2nd item on image) is a dumb device where all the network cables terminate in the cabinet. Its used to managed the cable properly and can be labeled properly. The most common one is the 24 port patch panel. A fly lead will then be used to plug in from the patch panel to the switch (4th item on image).

A bush panelĀ (1st item on image) is used to manage the fly leads from the patch panel to the switch to keep things nice and neat.

Surface mount VS Flush mount

Flush mount Data OutletThe 2 main outlet options for data and voice is Surface mount and Flush mount.

The surface mount ‘sticks’ out from the surface where as the flush mounted outlet is flush with the surface.

Please click here for more info

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is when a device is powered through the Ethernet (Lan) cable. A PoE device will either be a single device that powers one device or a PoE switch that can power multiple devices without having the need for a power adapter at the device.

PoE is useful for Wireless Access Points, IP Cameras, VoIP telephones, Biometric devices etc.

It is important to know what version of PoE your device supports before purchasing a PoE injector.

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